The New Building Typeface The method of designing characters is based on the structure of objects, their visual form, and experimental accidental combinations. The typeface, for that reason, becomes irregular and unpredictable. However, the result in 3D form will contain the features of objects of which it was constructed in its final state. The process of constructing the building and its transformation of perception of space is the major inspiration of the project will be revealed in its ultimate form.

Candlelight Show @ The Butcher’s Tears‘DO NOT BLOW’ 12 students of the GRA Graphic Design Department take over Butchers Tears showcasing a series of tea light holders and giving form to a night full of light, sound and space. Realised by Vica Allakhverdyan, Filip Birkner, Ossip Blits, Joyce Chang, Camilla Kövecses, Mona Mercier, Youngjin Park, Johannes Reisigl, Eleonora Šljanda, Swani Vinton, Virginia Vivaldi, Kirill Zakomoldin. Curated by Felicia von Zweigbergk

Chaos is potential. Small world, that's us. Squaring the triangle. Chemical wedding. Palm of victory.

Presenting Project for the Uncut 2018: feel and touch in an unreal world @ Stedelijk MuseumFrom 21st to 24th of March 2018 a work of Kirill Zakomoldin dedicated to this year’s theme of the festival will be on show in the Stedelijk Museum. Kirill will present his work in three different mediums: video, physical object, and text for the group publication.

Curating the front page @ Rietveld Academie From 29th of January’18 untill the 5th of February’18 the front page of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie will be curated by Kirill Zakomoldin. He will highlight some of his recent projects made during his studies in Basic Year and Graphic Design in the academy.

Stencil workshop x Track Line B.V.
In December of 2017, Jan Tomson, an Estonian designer and composer, organized a workshop with Track Line, the Dutch road marking company. About 30 students of graphic design department from Gerrit Rietveld Academie have participated and produced a letter or a symbol of the alphabet. The purpose of this workshop was to construct a new experimental alphabet and use it create an art space on one of Amsterdam's playgrounds.

Stencil designs by Kirill Zakomoldin and Lisa Arkhangelskaya

Selection of screenshots by Jan Tomson

HAVE A NICE LIVE @ radial gallery
A 360º digital work made in the collobaration with a ukranian musician john object was browdcasted on the radial gallery facebook page and their website on the 9th of December 2017. The full recording of the work is available here.

lil peep tribute @ red light radio
Live broadcast on the red light radio in collaboration with Jim Klock is coming in April 2018.


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